Install Connector Agent on macOS

This guide will take you through the steps for how to manually install Dull Agent on macOS.

1. Add Device to Realm Manager

1.1 Add your Apple macOS device to your Realm Manager. Follow the steps in the Dull Docs to add a device

1.2 On your new device details page, take note of the device ID and the agent config ID

2. Download Dull Agent and helper script

2.1 Open a terminal window and go to the Applications folder

> cd /Applications

2.2 Create a dull folder and change to that directory

> mkdir dull
> cd dull

2.3 Download the Dull agent and helper script

> curl -O
> curl -O

2.4 Ensure both the Dull Agent and helper script are executable

> chmod +x dull
> chmod +x

2.5 Run the helper script

> ./

3. Create initial Agent config file

3.1 Open a new text file called config.json in your favourite text editor. For this guide we are using nano

> nano config.json

3.2 Add the following json to the file. Replace the following values in the code:

"ConfigUrl": "<realm sqlproxy domain>/config?id=<device id>&t=<agent id>"

4. Run the Dull Agent

4.1 Run the Dull Agent. NB: You must use sudo because the Agent makes changes to your hosts file

> sudo ./dull run

The first time you attempt to run the Agent, you will be blocked by GateKeeper and receive an error informing you that you are trying to run an application by an unidentified developer.

Follow these steps to allow the application to run:

5. Create Access for your device

5.1 In your Realm Manager allow your device to connect to a service by creating a corresponding Access

5.2 To load the new configuration manually, restart the Dull Agent in the terminal window