Realm Setup


Add your PC to the realm, so that you can test services for yourself.


1. Log in

After you have signed up, and your Realm Server has been provisioned you will receive an email.

Enter the provided username and password

1.2 Copy and paste the username and password that was generated for you, found in the same email

1.3 Click Login

You will be taken to the Realm Manager dashboard

2. Set up organisation

2.1 Click "Organisations" on the left side menu and then click "Add Organisation"

2.2 Fill out the details for your company and press the "Save" button:

3. Add your Device

Now that the organisation is available, you can create the device record for your PC.

3.1 Click "Devices" on the left side menu, and then click the "Add Device" button

This will get you to the screen showing fields for you to fill out.

3.2 Complete the details for your device and then click save

You will be taken to the details page for your new device. From here you can install the Connector Agent.

4. Install Connector Agent on your Device

When you are viewing any device details page, you can begin the process of installing the Connector Agent. In section 3, after creating the device you would have been taken to the device details page.



Congratulations! You have successfully setup your first device. Now you are ready to set up a service and create a connection from your device.